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Our Humble beginning

BROWNSYSTECH started its operations since the year 2015 although it was a very low key business during the time. In a way, i must say, from the very humble beginning. The motive for BROWNSYSTECH at the time targeted improved ICT solutions to be offered by a Samoa company given the expertise available in the country at the time, amongst other important ICT services offered. The journey was challenging given the obstacles in the market share from then to now.

As a graduate in ICT, the the motive became more challenging as the years went by. We managed to adapt and slowly progress gaining some exposure in the local markets from the year 2016. From then we have successully improved our client base, establishing ourselves in the market share in terms of ICT. Although, there is still a long way to go for us, but importantly, it has certainly gained us alot of exposure and expertise over the years through the number of client projects, local and regional, that we have worked with over the years.

Who We Are

An ICT consulting firm with great initiatives to facilitate an deliver ICT solutions and ICT services to suit the need of any business.

Our Mission

To Excel in ICT solutions and services for businesses.

Our Vision

To facilitate and excel ICT through provision of sustainable and reliable ICT solutions.

Providing the Best Solution For
Growing Your Business.

We solve business problems, take a consultative and analytical approach to every client engagement, and find ICT (Information Communication Technology) solutions that will help your organization or firm achieve the best business outcomes.


We know the importance of delivering the best customer experience and we enable your organization to exceed customer expectations. In doing so, we will review your firm’s current issues and scenario in need of an ICT solution that is robust and will utilize the important data that you collect for your firm.


At BROWNSYSTECH, your data is important to us and we will offer the best solution possible to better utilize the data for your firm and importantly, design a solution that meets your requirements according to your approved policies, procedures, and guidelines.

Why Work with Us

We Believe in Best Quality

We provide quality solutions suitable for your business and importantly, designed specifically on the need and requirements. In saying that, our solutions are custom made to suit any need of the firm based on its approved policies and procedures.

We Believe in Good Relation

Our collaborative communication is key to the successful implementation of any project once we engage with you and your business.

We Believe in Abilities

We promise to deliver our quality ICT solutions and services for your business needs and requirements with the best of our ability and with our provens year of experience.